Hair Transplant in Ahmedabad | Hair Transplant in Gujarat

Hair Transplant in Ahmedabad | Hair Transplant in Gujarat

Hair Transplant in Ahmedabad | Hair Transplant in Gujarat

Dr. Arth Shah a Cosmetic and Plastic Surgeon is a hair restoration specialist and board-certified cosmetic surgeon with offices located in  Ahmedabad, Gujarat. With more than 8 years of experience, Dr. Shah and his team are helping men and women from around the world affected by hair loss with his innovative Hair restoration system for thinning hair and baldness.

As a multi-specialty board-certified Plastic surgeon in India, Dr. Arth Shah has a unique insight into the application of Hair Transplant Techniques and delivered unmatched results to treat hair loss for men and women from around the world.

Dr. Arth Shah Hair Transplant quality results have become one of the most sought-after treatments for Hair Restoration, often providing better and more natural-looking hair density, and managing progressive hair loss in a way which other hair transplant surgeons do not.

What is Hair Restoration?

Hair restoration is the process of stimulating new hair growth with regenerative treatments, hair growth medications, or by transplanting hair healthy hair follicles to thinning or balding areas to create a more vital, healthy, youthful look. When it comes to the subject of hair restoration and hair transplant in Ahmedabad, Dr. Arth Shah is the Plastic Surgeon to go to for your treatment.

Hair Restoration vs Hair Transplants

Hair restoration is the process of restoring hair to a thinning or balding area. It may involve hair follicle transplants to fill in a thinning or balding area, a receding hairline, or area of the scalp that has gone completely bald, but may also refer to restoring natural hair growth through regenerative techniques such as PRP hair restoration or with the help of prescribed hair growth medications.

What Causes Hair Loss?

Hair loss comes about due to various conditions, including inheriting male or female pattern baldness, hormonal changes, aging, some medical conditions, or the result of times of stress. It can also occur as a side effect of many types of medications, including certain cholesterol drugs, anticoagulants, blood pressure meds, treatments for psoriasis, anti-arrythmia drugs, certain antacids, some steroids, and anti-fungal medications. Radiation therapy can also lead to hair loss. The first step in planning your hair restoration in Ahmedabad Gujarat is a full evaluation by Dr. Arth Shah to determine the underlying cause of your hair loss.

About the Hair Growth Cycle

Hair growth occurs in four stages. Hair typically grows about a quarter to a half an inch per month, with each follicle in one of these four stages:

  • Anagen: The growth phase. During this phase, the cells divide quickly. About 90 percent of your hair follicles are in the anagen phase.
  • Catagen: The transitional phase in which the hair follicles shrink. This phase lasts about two weeks, with the hair no longer growing, and detaching from the blood supply.
  • Telogen: The resting phase in which the follicle is not producing any hair, which lasts for several months. A new hair is beginning to grow within the follicle, with about 10 to 15 percent of your follicles in this phase.
  • Exogen: The shedding phase, with the hair falling out. A normal person loses about 50 to 100 hairs each day. The hair then returns to the anagen phase, with a new hair growing.

Am I a Candidate for Hair Transplant in Ahmedabad?

If you are losing your hair, notice your hairline receding, your part becoming wider, or your hair thinning, you may be a candidate for hair restoration or our Ahmedabad hair transplant procedure. Some people accept hair loss or may choose to wear some type of hairpiece, while others prefer to take a proactive approach and undergo a procedure, therapy, or treatment to restore natural hair to a thinning or balding area. If you feel that hair loss is affecting your self-image, confidence, or makes you look older, you are likely a very good candidate for hair restoration.

Types of Hair Restoration:

  • FUE: FUE stands for “follicular unit excision.” This procedure involves harvesting healthy hair follicles from the back of the head, where they are not genetically programmed for balding. The hairs are extracted individually and then transplanted to the thinning or balding area. This procedure has the advantage of leaving no linear scar at the back of the head as occurs with FUT.
  • FUT: FUT, or “follicular unit transplantation,” is also called the “strip” method. In this procedure, a linear strip of healthy hairs is harvested from the back of the scalp where the hair is more abundant. The hairs are then carefully harvested from the strip and implanted, one by one, in the thinning or balding area. This technique has the disadvantage of leaving a linear scar at the back of the head.

Areas of Hair Restoration

Hair loss treatments can be performed in several areas. While our hair restoration in NYC is often to restore a thicker head of hair, modern techniques can increase the quantity of hair in the following areas:

  • Head
  • Eyebrows
  • Beard
  • Sideburns

What to Expect During the Procedure

Preparing for Hair Restoration

  • Your hair restoration design is determined with the help of the ARTAS Hair Studio to ensure the most natural look is achieved. A 3D digital model of your face and head is created, and the hair restoration options visible so the most attractive design is created for your face.
  • Four weeks prior to your hair restoration treatment, your hair must be cut close, to about ¾ in length.
  • Two to three days before your ARTAS treatment, your hair must be cut to 1 mm in length.
  • Avoid alcohol and tobacco use for at least two weeks prior to treatment.
  • Wear loose clothing to your procedure so you are comfortable.
  • Arrange a friend or family member to drive you home after your treatment.


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