Hair Transplant ke kya charges hai


Learn why it occurs, possible treatments, and how hair care can help you.

Hair loss affects millions of men and women often leading to dramatic changes in appearance that may have a negative impact on self-esteem. Fortunately, advances in hair restoration and hair replacement surgery have made it possible for those experiencing mild to severe hair loss to replace what they have lost with results that look natural.


Rejuva Aesthetica is the best Hair transplant clinic in Ahmedabad:


Our specialty-trained plastic surgeons offer a variety of safe and effective treatment options that can restore lost hair for men and women, often with very little downtime. Rejuva Aesthetica doctors also specialize in ‘revision’ hair replacement to correct or supplement past procedures.


Hair Transplantation is a minimally invasive technique that involves removing hair follicles from the backside of the head which is known as the donor site and implant to the recipient site.


In many cases, the recipient sites are known as the area which is bald. By taking hair from the back of the head from areas that are not susceptible to going bald and transplanting that hair into bald or other desired areas and giving the permanent and natural-looking full head of hair that can be attained using an individual’s own hair.


 The hair follicles that have been harvested called grafts can be transplanted in one or more sessions without any pain into the recipient area.