Lipoma Treatment

Lipoma Treatment In Ahmedabad

Lipoma Treatment in Ahmedabad

Lipomas are a common condition that isn’t harmful unless it’s causing you problems! Dr. Arth Shah, an Ahmedabad-based plastic surgeon, is here to assist you. In Ahmedabad, Rejuva Aesthetica offers the best lipoma removal surgery.


What Lipoma?

A lipoma is a lump of fat that grows in the body of a person, specifically in the soft tissues. Lipomas are usually harmless, despite the fact that they are classified as tumours. Expert dermatologists such as Dr. Arth Shah claim that they are a very common occurrence beneath a person’s skin. In terms of numbers, about one person in every 1,000 is thought to be infected with lipoma at some point.

Lipomas commonly develop in the upper body, arms, or thighs.


What are some risk factors for Lipoma?

The following factors may increase your chances of getting a lipoma:

  • Genetics is to blame.
  • Lipoma can develop as a result of a variety of conditions.
  • Lipomas can affect people of any age, but they are most common between the ages of 25 and 40.


What are the symptoms of a lipoma?

Multiple soft, mobile, painless masses/lumps are present beneath the skin. The numbers can range from 1 to 1000. Dr. Arth Shah, our experienced and skilled dermatologist, has operated on many patients suffering from lipoma at Rejuva Aesthetica. Lipomas can occur anywhere in the body, according to his experience.


Is Lipoma can be Cancerous?

Lipomas are benign tumours, which means they will never turn cancerous. These are slow-growing tumours that can cause problems with daily activities.


How can I stop my Lipomas to grow or from appearing new lesions?

There is no medicine or procedure that can prevent new lesions from forming and growing. Because this is a genetic condition, people with this condition tend to stop growing after a certain age. So don’t try to treat this condition with any over-the-counter medications; nothing will help.


What are the treatment options for Lipoma?


Lipomas are usually self-limiting and do not necessitate treatment. If it begins to bother you, consult a good Plastic Surgeon like Dr. Arth Shah, who can supervise you and advise you on the best treatment options.

So, if your lipoma has begun to affect your health, causing pain or growth, we at Rejuva Aesthetica will treat it appropriately to relieve your pain.


The following treatments may be used:


  • Surgical removal is the best option.
  • Phosphotidyl choline injections – If you don’t want to have surgery, these injections can help reduce the size of lipomas.
  • Liposuction