Skin Tag Removal

Skin Tag Removal Treatment in Ahmedabad

Skin Tag Removal In Ahmedabad

Painless Removal of Unsightly Skin Tags Turns Possible at Rejuva Aesthetica

Understanding the fundamentals is essential. Skin tags are commonly thought to be noncancerous and painless skin growths. These are attached to the skin by a thin stalk known as a peduncle, which is found in both men and women, particularly after the age of half-century, or 50 years. These can easily grow on areas where your skin folds exist, according to Dr. Arth Shah, a renowned Plastic Surgeon in Ahmedabad.

The Procedure

The majority of skin tags remain attached to the skin, necessitating professional assistance in their removal. We, at Rejuva Aesthetica, have been dealing with such issues for over a decade, diagnosing them and treating them with our cutting-edge and modern-day tools. Furthermore, Dr. Arth Shah’s expertise is a valuable addition that contributes to a better and more enhanced outcome.


What are Skin Tags ?


Skin tags, also known as Acrocordone, are small skin growths that commonly appear over skin folds such as –

Armpits, groin, eyelids, and the area under your breast in the neck


What do Skin Tags Look like?


Skin tags are small, skin-colored pedunculated growths on the skin with a large body and a thin stem that is frequently connected to the normal skin. Skin tags are noncancerous and can be easily treated if a person wants them removed permanently, according to Dr. Arth Shah, the best plastic surgeon and skin specialist in town.



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What is the Difference between Skin Tag and Warts?


Skin tags are a non-contagious variation of normal skin or simply an abnormal extension of the skin, whereas warts are an infectious condition. Warts, unlike skin tags, are viral infection that spreads through contact, either on your own skin or to other family members.


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Why do Skin Tags happen?

Obese people or those with lax skin are more likely to develop skin tags. Furthermore, as a skin specialist, Dr. Arth Shah explains that skin tags can develop as a result of frictions such as color and neck ornaments.

Is Skin Tag Contagious?

Skin tags, unlike warts, are not contagious because they are not caused by a viral infection. Rather, they are simply a variation of normal skin that can affect anyone and is easily treated.

Can Skin Tag Reoccur Post Treatment?

Dr. Arth Shah, in order to maintain transparency among his patients, states unequivocally that the formation of skin tags is one of your skin’s basic characteristics. In response to the above question, he states unequivocally that skin tags will not appear on the operated area of your skin. However, it is possible for it to appear in other parts of the body.

So, if you’ve had treatment, try to focus on the causes of the skin tags, such as losing weight, avoiding heavy neck ornaments, and applying powder to thigh areas to reduce friction.

What are the Treatment Options for Skin Tag ?

When it comes to dealing with skin tags, most medications are ineffective. So, at Rejuva Aesthetica, one of the best skin clinics in Ahmedabad, we provide simple and effective treatments to remove your skin tags quickly and painlessly.

The following treatments are available:

  • RFA Laser Burn
  • TCS (50-100%)
  • Surgical Removal of Skin Tags
What are the Precautions required to take after RFA Laser Treatment ?

Dr. Arth Shah, our renowned Plastic Surgeon, and a skin specialist list some precautions that you should consider following after treatment, based on his extensive experience in the Dermatology world. Among them are:

Allow your skin to rest for 5-7 days, avoiding ornaments and other potentially irritating items.
Wash the operated area with soap on a regular basis and apply antibiotic creams as directed by your doctor.

Continue to take the antibiotics and pain relievers for at least 5 days after the treatment.
On the seventh day after the operation, the suture is removed. So don’t forget to come to the clinic on the 7th.