Sebaceous Cyst Treatment

Sebaceous Cyst Treatment

Cyst Removal Treatment In Ahmedabad

Cysts, which can be found on the face, chest, and upper back, are not life-threatening. It has a slow growth rate that, if left undiagnosed and unchecked, can become inconvenient with age. We at Rejuva Aesthetica, one of Ahmedabad’s best dermato-surgery clinics, are professionally trained to effectively treat and remove cysts, ensuring a positive outcome.

What is Cyst and why do they occur?

Cysts are sacs that can form under the skin or anywhere else on the body. It is usually filled with liquid, air, or some other substance. Cysts, in other words, are a sign of abnormalities in the body that may contain liquid or semiliquid material.

It’s a gradual process that happens in tandem with the growth of the skin cells. The cells form a ball, and the pocket beneath the skin tries to rid itself of these skin cells. However, because they are trapped inside, they take on a new form, causing the cyst to form and grow over time.

Cysts can be caused by a variety of factors, including the following:

  • Sebaceous gland blockage
  • Hair follicles that are swollen
  • Our professional Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Arth Shah, examines the cause of your cyst before prescribing treatment or procedures to cure it.


Myth Regarding the Cyst Treatment?

You may have seen people manually popping their cysts in many videos available online, claiming it as a home-based and simple treatment. We want to dispel this myth by emphasizing that it is never an option for cyst treatment. Simply put, don’t do it.

As long as the skin is present, it continues to produce cells, refilling the pocket. In order to ensure that the cyst does not reappear, our expert Dermatologist and the skilled staff at Rejuva Aesthetica permanently remove the pocket.


How should a Cyst be Treated?


On the one hand, we at Rejuva Aesthetica believe that it is critical to comprehend the consequences of leaving a cyst untreated. In this case, it either continues to grow indefinitely or ruptures, causing unbearable pain.

If you’re not familiar with cyst removal, don’t worry; Rejuva Aesthetica is here to help you with a painless and effective procedure.


The treatment we offer at Rejuva Aesthetica for cyst removal includes:

  • Numbing through an Injection
  • Removal of cyst along with sac and all material
  • Stitching of the inner and outer layer of skin
  • Dressing


Home care after treatment?


Following the cyst removal, Dr. Arth Shah, our Plastic Surgeon, usually gives aftercare instructions to help the skin recover quickly. Among the suggestions could be:

  • Keeping the wound covered with a dry bandage for 5-6 days and replacing it.
  • If gauze is used to cover the wound, you may need to return to the Dermatologist to have it removed, or you may be instructed to do so yourself.
  • Oral antibiotics may be prescribed for pain relief and elimination.
  • Apply creams or ointments as directed.
  • Allow the skin to rest.