Acne, Scar and Pores Treatment

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Acne Treatment in Ahmedabad


Acne, also referred to as pimples, is a world-famous disease that can do almost anything to heal the person affected. It is a chronic inflammatory disease that occurs when oil and dead skin cells become clogged with hair follicles. This appears mainly on the face, chest, back, forehead, and shoulder.


It is now that it will need a skin specialist and treatment will begin. In addition to concentrating on the appearance of your skin, the metamorphosis doctors will also behave like your nutritionists and advise you on what will be best for your body. Delhi and Mumbai residents will have access to some of the best therapies there are, and this is not just while they are suffering from pimples. We have equipment that even treats acne scars thanks to recent innovations. A doctor will look at the skin at this point and determine what will be done with respect to scar removal.


The quicker the therapy takes place, the better the patient will return to normal. It will be a doctor who carries out the procedure, and when it comes to acne treatment and scar elimination, they will be commonly experienced. The first step can be the toughest, as the fear that nothing can be done will arise. This would be the case at one point, but recent advances have led to many new therapies and many individuals are having the skin they always wanted back.

TYPES of Acne

-Mild-you will see whiteheads & blackheads.
-Moderate-you will see whiteheads,blackheads,papules and pustules.
-Severe-many large and often painful papules,pustules,nodules and cysts.
-We also type the acne as per the area they appear:
-The location of the acne can actually give a good insight as to why its happening
-Acne on nose and forehead- this can happen due to production of excessive oil.Cleansing your face regularly will help to control the oil buildup
-Acne on hairline-this indicates you need to change something in your hair care or it could indicate the presence of dandruff.
-Acne on the cheeks-this could indicate some bacteria on your pillow case or cell phone. So you can clean them regularly to avoid this.
-Acne on the chin and jawline-this usually indicates the role of fluctuating hormones, eventually over stimulating the oil glands.
-Acne on upper back and shoulders-this can be triggered due to heat, pressure, and friction.

Benefits of Acne Treatment at rejuva Aesthetica

  • Prevents mild acne from becoming severe
  • Preventing future breakouts
  • Unclogging of pores
  • Reduction in sebum production
  • Limiting the growth of bacteria
  • Decreases likelihood of oral acne medications
  • Reduces redness and inflammation caused due to acne
  • Reduction in development of acne marks
  • Reduction in emotional distress caused due to acne


Expected Results

Varies greatly from person to person. A course of 6-8 treatments and our tailor-made homecare can give you more than 75% improvement. We usually combine 2-3 different treatments in one session.


Skin assessment is carried out which will include previous medical history and any other treatments you would have done in the past. We will examine your acne(you will have to remove any makeup if on at this time) to properly assess the type of lesion, inflammation, acne grade, and scars. Our doctor will understand your goals and expectations from the treatment. We will also be showing you pictures and testimonials of other patients. Your pictures will be taken prior to starting your treatment. You will also be explained all the post-care instructions at this time.