Ear Reshaping

Ear Reshaping in Ahmedabad,Gujarat


Nicely shaped ears usually go unnoticed. But having ears that are large, misshapen, or that stick out draws unwanted attention. Moreover, it can erode a person’s self-esteem and self-confidence over a lifetime. Children with protruding ears are often subjected to teasing by peers. Teens and adults can become withdrawn and self-conscious about the appearance of their ears.

Otoplasty, or ear surgery can be performed on both children and adults. Otoplasty can-do wonders for aesthetic appearance and increasing self-esteem. Ear surgery is a procedure designed to reduce the effects of ears that protrude too far from the head.

Our Rejuva Aesthetica Surgeons are highly skilled and adept at otoplasty procedures. Many of whom have been trained and educated at some of the most respected medical institutions in the world. Our doctors and medical staff can provide you or your child with effective surgery. As a result, it will bring the ears to a less prominent position.

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