Patient from Africa came to India for Hair Transplant surgery.

Hair Transplant for African Hair in India

Patient from Africa came to India for Hair Transplant surgery.

Patient from Africa came to India for Hair Transplant surgery shares their experience

Patients from Africa who came to India for hair transplant surgery shared their experiences.

Hair Transplant for African Hair in India

If you’re losing your hair, a hair transplant is one of the most effective ways to restore a full head of natural hair. If you have African hair, though, you may be wondering if a hair transplant can help you or if you’ll be wasting your money.
Continue reading to learn how African American hair differs from other ethnic hair types and how this may affect the results of a hair transplant treatment.

Before we go any further, it’s important to note that African patients can and do benefit from hair transplants. However, there are fundamental variances between the various forms of ethnic hair, and your hair transplant surgeon must be aware of these distinctions as well as have expertise working with the problems and benefits of ethnic hair.

Hair Types Based on Ethnicity
Human hair can be categorized into three ethnic groups: Asian, White, and African hair. When it comes to density, diameter, shape, and growth pattern, each cluster is distinct.

White hair has the most density, African hair has the lowest, and Asian hair is somewhat in the middle. Asian hair grows the fastest, African hair grows the slowest, and white hair grows in the middle.

African hair, as you can see, provides the most urgent obstacle for hair transplantation due to its low density and slow development. This may come as a surprise, given the thick appearance of African hair. This is owing to the curly form of the hair. The tight coiling of each hair follicle creates the appearance of substantial covering, despite the fact that each follicle is actually fairly thin. As we’ll see shortly, this is also beneficial to the hair transplant procedure.

Challenges for African Hair Transplantation

The curly form of African American hair follicles is one of the most difficult aspects of transplanting it. Because the curls do not finish at the scalp but continue into the root of each hair, harvesting from the scalp without injuring the root is more difficult. In addition, compared to other ethnic groups, African hair follicles are often surrounded by a thicker and tighter layer of the epidermis (skin).

During the Follicular Unit Extraction technique favored nowadays, the technician has to guarantee he or she removes all of the foundations of the hair, or the vesicle could become broken or damaged. This may end in a high transection rate (failure to require root) for the transplanted hair and yield dissatisfactory results.

Benefits of African Hair for Transplantation

Because African hair is often denser, there is less hair available for extraction for transplantation. However, while this may appear to be a challenge, it also implies that less hair is required for coverage in the recipient area. In an African patient, the surgeon or technician can cover a wider area of the scalp with fewer follicular units than in a typical White or Asian patient.

Furthermore, because Africans have a reduced color contrast between the scalp and hair, the transplanted areas will integrate much better, with less skin showing through. Finally, African-Americans prefer a straight or slightly curved hairline, which is considerably easier to achieve in a natural way.

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